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The PPRNP in Val d'Isère

The Plan for the Prevention of Predictable Natural Risks (PPRNP) regulates land use according to the natural risks to which it is subject. These regulations, which are imposed on the urban planning document, range from a ban on building to the possibility of building under certain conditions. The PPRNP is a document drawn up by government departments.

Flood risk

Mountain Risk

By prefectoral decree n°2022-0156 dated 18 March 2022, the following was approved

  • modification no. 2 of the Val d'Isère natural risk prevention plan approved in 2006 and modification no. 1 of the general revision no. 2 of the PPRn approved in advance in 2018.

From now on, the PPRn applicable in the municipality of Val d'Isère give priority to prescriptions in terms of means (constructive provisions) which allow for the implementation of new technical solutions (resistant glazing, reinforced windows) which meet the protection objectives.

However, certain constructional provisions, such as the prohibition of openings on the most exposed façades, subject to damaging forces or energies, remain prescribed.

A new insert recalls the prerogatives of the local authority in terms of the instruction of town planning authorisations. It emphasises the responsibility of the project owner in applying the measures and the obligation to provide a certificate guaranteeing that the constraints have been properly taken into account in the project by a professional.

Below, the documents made available relating to this amendment:

By a judgment dated December 22, 2020the Administrative Court of Grenoble annulled the decree of April 30, 2018, which makes the proposed revision n°2 of the "Mountain Risks" section of the PPRN of the Val d'Isère municipality immediately enforceable against sectors of the municipality where the foreseeable natural risks are identified as identical or less than those assessed by the PPRN approved on April 27, 2006.

  • For parcels classified in the 2018 PPRN as having the same or lower risk as that assessed in the 2006 PPRN, the 2006 PPRN applies.
  • For parcels classified in the 2018 NNPRP as having an increase in risk to that assessed in the 2006 NNPRP, the 2018 NNPRP applies.

The more stringent provisions of these two versions of the NPRP apply.

PPRN 2018

PPRN 2006


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