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Cleanliness and waste

Keeping the village clean, collecting waste is the business of the commune and the community of communes.

Cleanliness and waste sorting is our duty as citizens. But the task is not always easy. Here are a few reminders and tips to help you avoid getting lost.

Collected by our municipal agents of the "Household Waste" service, the semi-buried containers are installed by district and consist of three different waste containers allowing the sorting:



  • Household waste
  • Glasses
  • Packaging and paper -> New : since the beginning of 2023, waste sorting is simplified in the Haute Tarentaise ! There are only four guidelines to follow: well emptied, unwashed, loose and separated!

Tips: can my packaging be recycled? Ask the sorting guide !


Cardboard and textiles : 

  • Large cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed in the cardboard cottages located near the containers.
  • A textile terminal is installed near the bus station to collect textiles and process them in a specific channel for recovery and reuse; thus avoiding that they are buried or incinerated.

Collection of infectious healthcare waste

Essential from a health point of view, the sorting of Waste from Care Activities with Infectious Risks - DASRI* - is well differentiated from that of recyclable packaging, so as not to endanger employees on the sorting lines who could be bitten by potentially hazardous waste. Collection is carried out, confidentially and free of charge, by the community of communes four times a year. This waste must first be stored in boxes to be collected from your pharmacist.

* needles, syringes, blades, razors, scalpels..., but not soft objects such as strips, cotton, soiled compresses, etc.


All solutions for your waste

You can find on the Community of Communes website all the information concerning the waste disposal centres, the authorized deposits, the bulky items...

Professionals must obtain paid tickets from the Municipal Technical Center (La Daille, building below the RD 902). They are on sale from Monday to Thursday from 7am to 12pm and from 1:30pm to 5:15pm. Price: 10 € / ticket (payments can be made by check to the order of the Treasury, or in cash with a supplement).

The fact of sorting your waste allows treatment services to recycle as much material as possible. Indeed, different treatments must be applied to the waste according to its composition, so it is not yet possible to recycle mixed materials. Recycling reduces the consumption of natural raw materials, such as wood, oil, silica sand or natural metals. It also reduces the CO2 emissions caused by the processing and transportation of the materials. Companies can also set up a waste management process, thus reducing the company's carbon footprintthat is, the environmental impact of their activity.