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The budget

These budgets record income and expenditure for one calendar year. They comprise two sections (operating and capital expenditure), which must be presented in balance.

The operating section of the budget covers all the expenses and revenues required to run the local authority, such as personnel costs and ongoing operating expenses. Tax revenues and government grants are also included in the operating budget.

The investment section of the budget presents one-off expenses and revenues that have a lasting impact on the value of our assets, such as property acquisitions and new works. Developments and works "earmarked" for 2020 are clearly shown here.

It's a powerful act that structures municipal activity for a whole year.


The 2020 primitive budgets for the town, the parking, water and sanitation, cultural and sports facilities annex budgets and that of the Régie des pistes et de la sécurité were submitted to the members of the Municipal Council for approval at the meeting of March 02, 2020.

Deliberation - Main city budget

Administrative income statement - City 2020

Deliberation - Cultural and sports facilities budget

Income statement - cultural and sports facilities 2020

Deliberation - Car park budget

Administrative income statement - parking lots 2020

Deliberation - Water and wastewater budget

Income statement - water and wastewater 2020

Deliberation - Budget for the Slopes and Safety Department

Income statement - Régie des pistes 2020


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