Culture, sports and leisure

Community life

Whether you're looking for sports, cultural or social activities, you'll find a wide range of associations to choose from.

Associations are major players in the mountain environment. They foster social ties and improve the quality of life for local residents. They cater to residents, seasonal workers and tourists alike.

Some operate year-round, while others are highly seasonal. Each year, in September, they gather at a "forum des associations" to propose their activities and take registrations.

The population of our village increases 20-fold during the winter months. To maintain the quality of village life throughout the year, it is vital to maintain a strong network of associations. For this reason, the commune provides considerable financial and logistical support to local associations.

Associations can apply to the commune for a subsidy using the subsidy application form.

grant application file

They can also apply to the commune for delegating slots (valid only for associations without an objective agreement).

request for use of delegating slots

Please return the completed document by :

  • mail:
  • mail: Maison de Val, 320, rue de la Face 73150 Val d'Isère.


To obtain financial support from the local authority, the association must first complete all the administrative formalities required for its creation and registration with the Prefecture.
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Association de Chasse Communale Agréée (ACCA)


+33 6 26 10 68 05

Technical organization of hunting to achieve an agro-sylvo-cynégétique balance on the territory.

Guide office


+33 6 87 52 85 03

Accompanied by professional guides for glacier trekking, mountaineering, climbing, via-ferrata, canyoning...

Val d'Isère Chess Club

Daniel LE ROC'H

+33 6 19 70 45 48

Introduction to and improvement of the game. Open to all aged 5 and over.

Val d'Isère Bridge Club


+33 6 08 93 77 86

Organize and play board games.

Eagles Club

Nicolas Caillet

+33 6 15 20 71 08

Organize rides in combustion-powered or electric vehicles. Any destination, any difficulty, adapted to your wishes.

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Val d'Isère Musical Association


+33 6 22 71 68 16

Organize cultural and musical events and raise public awareness of the world of music. Organization of a competition through the Académie musicale, bringing together students from national and European conservatories.

Association for audiovisual and musical animation

Florence Costerg

+33 6 69 36 92 02

To directly or indirectly promote audiovisual and musical entertainment in Val d'Isère.

Colors and Canvas


+33 6 31 26 20 74

Offer art courses and workshops in drawing, painting, sculpture and engraving... as well as private lessons on request. For adults and children, residents or tourists.

Contact possible by mailbox to the left of the Maison de Val entrance doors

Coup de Théâtre

Marie-Laure MATTIS

Céline MORIS

+33 6 87 86 10 44

Theater courses for young people in the Avalanche (schoolchildren, secondary school pupils, students). Performances at the end of the winter season in the resort. You can also contact the association at

Val d'Histoire

Christèle BONNEVIE

Promoting the history of Val d'Isère.

Amicale des pisteurs


+33 6 30 31 48 32

Management of events organized by the Val d'Isère ski slopes department.

Amicale des sapeurs pompiers


+33 4 79 06 01 80

Financial support for the corps' sports association, organization of events, defense of staff interests. You can also contact the association at :

Amicale du personnel communal et para-communal

Offer municipal and para-municipal employees and their families special preferential conditions for purchasing products or services in the resort, and organize events for staff.

Association de Sauvegarde de Val d'Isère (ASVI)


+33 6 24 18 03 50

Association for the defense of nature and the protection of the environment, but also for the conservation of the region's traditions, cultural heritage and art of living. 

Association des Loueurs Particuliers (ALP)


+33 4 79 06 04 08

Chalet and apartment rentals in Val d'Isère, directly managed by the owners.

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