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Vintage Photo From Val d'Isère

Old picture from Val d'Isère

The Val d'Histoire Museum

At the foot of the mythical Face de Bellevarde, discover the history of Val d'Isère. From the founders to the Olympic champions, from the agropastoral culture to the international ski resort, meet the people of Val d'Isère who have shaped their village. Come and discover the evolution of the valley through themes such as the traditional habitat, the environment, the birth of skiing and the resort. How, with the rhythm of the seasons, a few pioneers took advantage of a setting that was as dangerous as it was fertile?

Interactive and fun, texts in French and English, free entrance... don't miss it, the museum is worth the detour!

Address : Maison de Val - 320 rue de la Face 73150 Val d'Isère

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Throughout the year, temporary exhibitions are held at the Maison de Val:


  • Vibrato. Poetry workshops

What is poetry? Music above all else, said Verlaine. Poetry is sound. Language, made music, sets the senses on fire. It transmits emotion like an electric wave.

Poetry is in essence sound, musical. It requires four ingredients: voice, sound, melody and rhythm.
"Vibrato" invites you to navigate in poetry, with all your senses on the alert. Wood that sparks when you touch it, a horsehair broom that calls out a poem by Rimbaud, or a sea of poems that you sail by, rudder between your fingers. "Vibrato" lets you hear Apollinaire, Éluard, Tsvétaïéva or Prévert. Each module of the exhibition allows you to explore the voice, sounds, melody and rhythm through various workshops. It is funny, magical, sensual - to be experienced, urgently: poetry.

All summer long at the media library.


  • Dreaming in blue - Stéphanie Pétri

A local child and self-taught painter, Stéphanie Petri has practised art all her life. Her works are distinguished by the indigo blue tone of the acrylic. The brush glides across the canvas in a free, curving motion, creating a sense of escape. The strong colours of Stéphanie Petri's work plunge us into this cold and singular atmosphere. The works challenge us to reinvent our own perception of the landscape.

Her driving force is the freedom of movement that she experiences when she is in the mountains. The undulations, the random shapes, the deep colours and the omnipresent blue mark Stéphanie Petri's universe and her passion for freedom.

This exhibition is a tribute to this Avalin artist who has sublimated our landscapes.

From 3 July to 18 September at the Maison de Val.

In season, take part in our guided heritage tours


  • The Daille

Discover La Daille and the history of integrated resorts. How did urban planners and architects design winter sports resorts at the dawn of the Plan Neige? Learn how to decode these buildings from the second half of the 20th century that leave no one indifferent.

Visits: Wednesday 27 July, Wednesday 3 August, Monday 8 August, Wednesday 24 August.
Duration: 1 hour
Meeting point at the bus stop of La Daille at 10 am

Rates: free of charge
Compulsory registration at the Tourist Office until 6pm the day before

  • Architecture in the mountains

Discover the buildings that have shaped the history of Val d'Isère. Learn to decode the principles of mountain architecture by questioning the meaning of the buildings around you. From traditional architecture to the integrated resort of La Daille, Val d'Isère has experienced incredible urban growth in the space of a century.

Visits on Tuesdays 12 July, 2 August, 23 August.
Duration: 1h15
Meet at the Maison de Val at 10am

Rates: free of charge
Compulsory registration at the Tourist Office until 6pm the day before

  • Chapel tour

Discover the chapels in the heart of Val d'Isère. These buildings, some of which are hundreds of years old, will help you discover the history of peasant societies. Go through the old hamlets of the village on a tour punctuated by the history of the chapels where mystery and silence emerge from these religious buildings. A treasure hunt is organised for young visitors.

Visits on Mondays 11 July, 25 July, 1 July and 2 Julyer August, 15 August, 22 August.
Duration: 2 hours
Meet at the Maison de Val or at the Laisinant (shuttle bus stop): consult the Valscope

Rates: free of charge
Compulsory registration at the Tourist Office until 6pm the day before


For more information, contact the Archives and Heritage Department.


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Contact the department

+33 4 79 06 09 07

The Val d'Histoire museum is open in winter:
Monday to Friday: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm
Sunday: 3pm - 6pm

It can also be opened on request.

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