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Municipal Services

The municipal services include administrative services, technical services, public services, municipal police, track and security. They are supervised by the Direction Générale des Services.

Managing Director of Services :
Jean-Paul Orange

Administrative Services

General Administration 
Secretariat of the Mayor and the Director General of Services
Tel. 04 79 06 74 04
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Reception of the public and users :
Tel. 04 79 06 01 60
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Civil Status / Elections / Cemetery
Collection of birth certificates, recognition of children before or after birth, marriages, deaths, updating of electoral rolls, voting, counting, management of voting proxies, concessions, vault sales, supervision of maintenance, maintenance of burial records and relations with undertakers at funerals.
Tel. 04 79 06 01 60
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Planning, Urbanism and Environment
Cadastre, instruction and monitoring of building permits, monitoring of soil law, town planning certificates, preparation of the PLU and management of planning files and projects. Follow-up of the sustainable and environmental development approach of the commune .
Tel. 04 76 06 01 60
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Technical Services

La Daille Municipal Technical Centre
BP 295 73155 Val d'Isère cedex
Phone : 04 79 40 27 00
Fax : 04 79 41 25 06
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The technical services manage and organise the road, household waste, living environment, municipal buildings, green spaces, purchasing, municipal garage, IT, design office and public procurement services. They are supervised by the Directorate General of Services.

Living environment
This service is responsible for: the upkeep of green spaces, the installation and maintenance of street furniture and playgrounds, street cleaning and de-icing, the installation of light strings, manual snow removal, the punctual fight against illegal billboards, logistical support for cultural and sporting events, daily collection of bulky items and also the management of school transport.


Public Procurement Unit
The mission of the "Public Contracts" unit is to apply the commune's purchasing policy by ensuring compliance with the regulations applicable to public procurement. Within this framework, it carries out the awarding of public contracts from the drafting of consultation files to their awarding. It also ensures its administrative follow-up and its execution.
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Studies and Works Unit
The "Studies and Works" unit accompanies all of the municipality's projects in a transversal manner. The studies, whether they are entrusted to design offices or to the Technical Services, are followed up by the latter, who ensure the formatting and dissemination to the elected officials. For the works to be undertaken, it carries out the evaluation of the needs, the elaboration of the preparatory documents, the follow-up of the building sites and the control of the situations.


Roads - Household waste
The Roads Department manages public spaces and related works: pavements, asphalt, public lighting, various networks, etc. It prepares projects and organises the involvement of the department or companies in routine maintenance or renovation work. On a day-to-day basis, it is responsible for the quality of public spaces, both in terms of safety (snow removal, road markings, etc.) and cleanliness and embellishment (e.g. urban development).

Socio-educational and cultural services

92 route de la Balme
Tel: 04 79 22 67 71 and 07 71 43 29 27.
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The mission of this service is: the administrative and financial organisation of school catering, the administrative management of school staff (ATSEM, school workers, school life assistants), the management of the crèche and the organisation of extra-curricular childcare as well as the organisation of mid-week school transport.

House of Val
Rue de la Face
Tel : 04 79 06 29 20
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The service includes the media library, the cinema, the museum and the community life. It also manages the rental of rooms in the Maison de Val.

Archives, Heritage, Museum
Anyone wishing to consult the municipal archives must make a request. The form is to be filled in and returned by mail or e-mail. Do not forget to communicate your name, first name, address and telephone number.
Val d'Isère Town Hall - Archives Services - B.P. 295 - 73155 Val d'Isère cedex
Tel : 04 79 06 09 07
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Communal Centre for Social Action
The Centre Communal d'Action Sociale (CCAS) comes to the aid of anyone in difficulty. It is the relay and partner of the existing social services. It will direct you towards the structures best suited to meet your needs. To act, the CCAS works closely with qualified staff and structures.
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Head of department

Jean-Paul ORANGE

Contact the department

+33 4 79 06 01 60

- Winter hours
Monday to Friday: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm

- Inter-season and summer schedules
Monday to Wednesday: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm
Thursday: 9am - 12 and 2pm - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 12pm

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