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Senior Club

The senior club has as busy a schedule as a young student! Visits, wellness, culinary or computer workshops, discovery trips, board games, aquagym ... nothing is missing to improve the quality of life of seniors and keep them in shape!

The CCAS organises activities throughout the year, both in and outside Val d'Isère. It offers day outings, cooking, floral or computer initiation workshops,... and 2 trips per year in France or abroad.

The activities offered by the Star Service of the Community of Communes complete the programme with conferences and workshops on ageing well, nutrition and art therapy. It also organizes the "blue" week which takes place every year in October around a defined theme and whose objective is to maintain or create intergenerational links.


The activities

NEW : registration for activities 48 hours in advance to ensure the organization of the activity.


  • 28 2.30 to 4pm: Rozenn (Maison de Val)



  • 5 2.30 to 4pm: storytelling landscape (media library)
  • 12 10am to 3pm: cooking workshop (council chamber)
  • 19 2.30 to 4pm: yoga (Maison de Val)
  • 26 at 2.30pm: cinema (Maison de Val)



  • 2 2.30 pm to 4 pm: Baroque church art (church)
  • 9 2.30 to 4pm: yoga (Maison de Val)
  • 16 10am to 3pm: cooking workshop (council chamber)
  • 23 2.30 to 4pm: Rozenn (Maison de Val)
  • 30 2.30 to 4pm: yoga (Maison de Val)



  • 6 2.30 to 4pm: media library (Maison de Val)
  • 13 and 20 2.30 to 4pm: cognitive workshops (council chamber)

Contact: 04 79 06 73 97 / ccas@valdisere.fr



Sunday 10 July: lunch at the Avancher restaurant (registration required)

From 25 to 30 September: trip to the Catalan country

3 to 9 October: Blue Week


Other actions and events of the Star Service

Discover the program proposed by the communauté de communes.
Depending on the time of year, no animation may be available.

Information from the Star Service
Phone: +33 4 79 07 60 22


Head of department

Caroline CERRI

Contact the department

+33 4 79 06 73 97

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00 except Wednesday afternoon.
The CCSB can also be reached at
at 06 38 59 04 42.

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