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Safety players

In every commune in France, the mayor has important powers to make safety policy more effective and closer to the citizen. He is assisted in this task by various civil protection bodies.

To alert emergency services, dial 112.

The Mayor

The Mayor is the competent authority for taking and enforcing the measures necessary to maintain public order, safety, peace and health within its territory. He is responsible for directing rescue operations.

In addition to directing rescue operations, the mayor's main direct responsibilities are :

  • Alerting and informing the public
  • Supporting emergency services
  • Ensuring support for populations (accommodation, supplies, etc.)

To provide a local response to a crisis, and to complement the intervention of the emergency services, the law introduced the Plan communal de sauvegarde (PCS) and the réserve communale de sécurité civile (local civil protection reserve). Read more

Police Municipale

The Val d'Isère municipal police force is made up of seven permanent officers. The team is reinforced during the busy seasons by 11 officers in winter and 3 in summer.

The Police municipale is responsible for :

  • provide a local presence in all neighborhoods,
  • respond to requests for assistance from residents, shopkeepers and holidaymakers,
  • enforce the mayor's by-laws,
  • conduct road safety campaigns in schools,
  • supervise festive, cultural and sporting events,
  • ensure compliance with the Highway Code,
  • manage the urban supervision center, the municipal pound, lost and found and the street market.

Opening hours :

  • Summer and shoulder seasons: open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm.
  • Winter: open Sunday to Friday 9am-12pm and 3pm-6.45pm, Saturday 8am-12pm and 3pm-7pm.

Contact the Police Municipale: 04 79 06 10 96 -


Gendarmerie Nationale

The Gendarmerie is responsible for maintaining law and order in France. Its aim is to ensure the safety of people, institutions and buildings.

You can go to the Val d'Isère Gendarmerie brigade to file a complaint, hand in a report, etc.

Contact the Gendarmerie: 04 79 06 03 41 or dial 17.

Fire department / Mountain rescue center

The Fire and Rescue Services are responsible for preventing, protecting against and fighting fires.

Together with the other services and professionals concerned, they contribute to the protection and fight against accidents, disasters and catastrophes, to the assessment and prevention of technological or natural risks, and to emergency relief.

Contact the fire department: 04 79 06 01 80 or dial 18.

Slope management

Val d'Isère's ski area management team is responsible for grooming, slope preparation, safety, beaconing, preventive avalanche control, local snow and weather forecasts and all rescue and search operations.

Val d'Isère's civil protection coordinator is the ski area manager. He or she is the commander of rescue operations and is responsible for drawing up and updating the emergency response plan, and for managing and commanding rescue operations in the event of a crisis.

Contact the Régie des Pistes: 04 79 06 02 10 -

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