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Military Census

The military census covers all French girls and boys aged 16.

Defence Citizenship Day 2017

The young citizen - or his legal representative - must do so at the town hall from the day he turns 16 with his parents' family record book and his identity card. Following this procedure, he or she will be summoned to Defence and Citizenship Day and will be automatically registered on the electoral roll.

JDC is Defence and Security Awareness Day, where young people will meet men and women in the defence community. A test to detect reading difficulties is also scheduled. At the end of the JDC, an individual certificate of participation is issued to contributors. This document is requested when registering for examinations or competitions subject to the control of the public authority.

More info : www.defense.gouv.fr/jdc


Head of department

Lionel Renard

Contact the department

+33 4 79 06 01 60

- Winter hours
Monday to Friday: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm

- Inter-season and summer schedules
Monday to Wednesday: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm
Thursday: 9am - 12 and 2pm - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 12pm

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