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Financial aid for energy renovation

Reduce your heating bill, improve your thermal performance, fight against global warming... So many points targeted by the energy renovation. Here is the list of financial aids from which the French can benefit to lower the price of the work.


It replaces the energy transition tax credit and Anah's "Habiter mieux agilité" aid. This aid is open to all owners, regardless of their income. The dwelling must have been built at least 15 years ago or at least two years ago when replacing an oil-fired boiler. The amount of the bonus is calculated according to the income and the ecological gain of the work.

Submit your request directly on the site: https://www.maprimerenov.gouv.fr/

MaPrimeRenov' Serenity

This financial and consulting assistance allows low-income households to be assisted in their energy renovation project.

Submit your request directly on the site: https://monprojet.anah.gouv.fr/po/demarche/infos_po

To do this, you must first create a personal account on the site dedicated to the aid of the National Housing Agency (Anah)


The Zero Rate Eco Loan

This aid allows financing the energy renovation of housing without having to make a cash advance. In addition, the interest rate of the loan is zero and the amount of the loan can be up to 50 000 euros.

Consult the conditions of eligibility for the zero rate eco-loan on the site : https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F19905

The Energy Savings Coup de pouce

It allows all households to benefit from bonuses to finance certain energy renovation work (heating, insulation, glable renovation, etc.).

Submit your request directly on the site: https://www.coupdepouceeconomiedenergie.fr/

The energy cheque

This nominative aid helps to pay the energy bills of the house and to face the exceptional rise of the energy prices, in particular electricity and gas. Its amount is 100 €.

The energy voucher is automatically sent to households that meet the necessary conditions.

Assistance from energy supply companies

Energy supply companies (EDF, Total, etc.) offer assistance for energy saving work (diagnostics, advice, bonuses, low-interest loans, etc.).

The 5.5% VAT rate

This aid allows you to benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% on certain housing renovation work.

Find the certification form on the public service website.

The "Denormandie" tax reduction

It allows individuals who purchase a home to renovate to have a reduction in income tax.

You can learn more about the public service website.

Property tax exemption

This aid can be offered to you by your local authority (municipalities, departments...) if you carry out energy saving work in your home. It can temporarily exempt you from property tax.

Micro credit or consumer credit

In order to renovate your home, it is also possible to obtain a micro-credit or a consumer credit from financial organizations.

Discover the platform : https://finfrog.fr/micro-credit)

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