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Destination Val d'Isère

What is the Green Snowflake label?

The Green Snowflake is a label guaranteeing the sustainable commitment of mountain destinations.

This label is developed by the Mountain Riders association to give mountain lovers a clear vision of the tourist destinations that are working towards sustainable development.

The destinations involved in the Green Snowflake approach are evaluated on the following aspects:

1 - Governance & Destination Resilience2-Economy & Local Life3- Social & Cultural Dynamics4- Resource management
StrategyDiversificationLocal lifeFloors
ParticipationMonitoring and economic strategyAwarenessEnergy
Planning and Development EmploymentAccessible tourismBiodiversity
Sustainable mobilityLocal economyFamiliesWater
ResilienceResponsible PurchasingCultural offerWaste

==>Find the whole of the specifications Green Snowflake 2022

Val d'Isère, a mountain destination with the "Green Snowflake" label in 2022

A steering committee composed of representatives of the territory (Town Hall, Val d'Isère Tourism, Val d'Isère Téléphérique, Vie Val d'Is, ESF...) was set up in 2022 to follow and direct the "Green Snowflake" strategy of the Val d'Isère destination which is based on three axes: Soft mobility, Energy & Housing and Sustainable initiatives.

==>Find the Green Snowflake" strategy for the Val d'Isère destination

How to obtain the Green Snowflake :

  • A public meeting took place in July 2022 to present the approach to the inhabitants and discuss with them the actions to be included in the Green Snow strategy.
  • The destination was the subject of a Green Snowflake" audit in October 2022 on the 2017 specifications by an independent auditor to assess the destination's level of commitment.
  • After analysis, the labeling committee composed of ADEME, Atout France, the Foundation for Nature and Mankind, the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc and Mountain Riders has delivered in November 2022 the label in Val d'Isère for a period of 3 years.

Next step:

A INTERIM AUDIT will take place in May 2024 to evaluate the implementation of the destination's Green Snowflake strategy. The analysis will focus on the 2022 specifications, an even more demanding standard, in line with the challenges of tomorrow.

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