Our Green Flock territory!

We were this Friday, November 25, 2022 at the awarding of the label Flocon Vert in Chambery alongside Tignes, Cordon, Saint Gervais, Font-Romeu and Valloire. 




🟢 What is the Green Snowflake?

The Green Snowflake is above all a continuous improvement approach which engages all the actors of a same territory in the transition towards a sustainable development in the mountains. The objective is to push us towards a desirable future, respectful of its environment, through a long-term support. This approach is developed by the association Mountain Riders since 2011. The label is awarded according to the respect of criteria divided into 4 themes: local economy, social and cultural, governance and destination, environment and natural resources.


🟢 Why a Green Snowflake in Val d'Isère ?

Accompanied by Mountain Riders, Val d'Isère has carried out a collective work on the impact of our activities on our environment; on the notion of quality of life in the mountains, and on the question of a coherent and sustainable economic development for the Val d'Isère of today but also for that of tomorrow.

We have thus identified three areas of progress:




Today, Val d'Isère is committed to the long term in order to best meet the objectives it has set itself, and continues its reflection, accompanied by Mountains Riders and all the actors, partners, inhabitants, and vacationers of Val d'Isère.


Want to know more?

  • Here the interview of the main actors mobilized by the project in Val d'Isère, on the occasion of the first Flocon award (it will be online on Sunday on Radio Val)
  • And here the press release produced on this occasion