Jamel, passing on a passion

For the past 8 years, from September to June, Jamel Zeraoula has hosted a weekly soccer lessons for children in the aquasports center.

Finally, a class like no other: no competition here, no rules like at school either. The kids are here to have fun and the only instructions are respect for others, no insults and to stop the game if someone falls (we check their condition before continuing).

This voluntary activitysupported and financed by the Club des Sports, to whom he extends his warmest thanks, doesn't tire him - on the contrary. He has no desire to stop when he sees the motivation and smiles of the youngsters, aged between 6 and 10. He's particularly delighted to see that they turn out every year, and that there's always a "good time" to be had. mix in the group.

Because soccer is a convivial and unifying sport, every year he organizes an outing to take them, with the help of a few accompanying parents, to see a football match. soccer match in Lyon. A day rich in emotion to discover the fervor of hundreds of fans who came to support their teams.

At the same time, Jamel also manages the Monday evening adult soccer session and volunteers with the fire department.