Aurélie, self-taught artist

Have you ever seen these colorful canvases and one-eyed characters? Atypical paintings in the image of their creator, Aurélie Fabre-Goin.

With a lifelong passion for painting, it was a happy coincidence that she invented these cyclops, which have become her personal trademark. Since her first canvas in 1998, she has created over 170 of them! She paints on linen canvas, using Posca markers and acrylics to achieve her vivid colors. It's a soothing, above all personal practice, which she increasingly shares, exhibiting in Val d'Isère and other nearby villages as opportunities arise.

In 2023, she collaborated with Anna Procot and wrote her first one-woman show. Many months of writing, rehearsals and self-improvement were necessary to give birth to this 1h30 show. Shy by nature, she faced the challenge of remaining herself and not creating a role for this performance inspired by personal experience.
She performed it in November 2023 at La Doudoune to a large and enthusiastic audience. An impressive but positive experience, which encourages her to consider further performances.

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