, the Val d'Isère Tourisme website, got a makeover this summer!

A new website

The Tourist Office website,, has been completely redesigned and now offers an immersive experience and more intuitive navigation, thanks in particular to a search bar and a reorganized menu for easier reading of information. The virtual dive into Val d'Isère from the comfort of your screen has been simplified. Each page is an incentive to experience our destination through its assets. All the activities available in the resort are highlighted: sports & culture, relaxation & wellbeing, highlights & events, as well as gastronomy, shops, accommodation and services.


An eco-responsible approach

Beyond this visible part of the iceberg, this site is also eco-designed. This means that it has been designed to reduce or limit environmental impact.

The Tourist Office teams have :

  • Make navigation as intuitive as possible to reduce the time spent finding information,
  • Worked on the user experience, proposing different ways of accessing content, by theme: via "Our suggestions" or via "Your desires", to enable this rapid navigation.
  • Promotes maximum compression of images and videos, which consume a lot of energy
  • Offering a text-based alternative to videos (limits the loading of energy-hungry content and makes visual content more accessible to all Internet users),
  • Manually deletes obsolete content: news, calendar entries,
  • And opted for green, eco-friendly accommodation located in France.

The eco-responsibility rating obtained by the site can be consulted transparently on its home page, via a pie chart which will evolve as the Tourist Office implements further improvements... Stay tuned!

Changing practices

This major change in the is also accompanied by a reduction in the printed quantities of brochures and maps (Practical Guide & Restaurant Guide, Activities Brochure, Slope Map, Leisure & Pedestrian Map, All for the Family and Valscope) to better meet customer needs and reduce pollution.


Find out more about the Tourist Office's eco-responsible approach on their website.