See you on June 9 for the European elections!

🗳️ The European elections take place on June 9. But are you ready? 

9 points to make sure: 


1 / What are the European elections and what are they for? 

Every 5 years, the citizens of European Union countries elect their representatives to sit in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 

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2 / How and when are they organized?
The election of French representatives will take place on June 9, 2024. There is only one round in the European elections.
In Val d'Isère, the polling station is located in the Salle du Conseil Municipal, Maison Marcel Charvin, rue de l'église.


3 /Why vote? 

Voting is a right, a civic act that enables you to choose your representatives in a ballot. In a democracy, this fundamental right of participation enables people to exercise their citizenship by taking part in the election of their representatives.


4 / What is my current electoral situation? ➡️ Check online! ⬅️


5 / How can I register to vote in the European elections? 

If you are not already registered to vote in the 2024 European elections, you must register.

2 options : 
- online until May 1, 2024 : ICI
- by handing in the downloadable form and supporting documents until May 3, 2024 : 
    - French citizens : ICI
    - European citizens : ICI


6 / What are the registration requirements? 
It is possible to apply for registration on the electoral roll under certain conditions, which are cumulative: 
-  Be a French national or citizen of a European Union country
-  Be domiciled or resident or subject to local taxes or manager or shareholder of a company subject to local taxes in the commune of registration 
-  Be at least 18 years old on the day before the 1st round of the election
-  Enjoy civil and political rights in France and in the country of origin


7 / Special situations (registration until May 30): 
- 18 years old without citizen census
- Recent move
- Recent acquisition of French nationality
- Voting rights recently restored 


8 / Proof of identity: a legal requirement 
By law, only voters may enter the polling station. This means that only those with proof of identity may vote.
List of acceptable proofs of identity : ICI


9 / Moreover, contrary to popular belief, the law does not authorize : 
-  Voting without showing proof of identity, even when another person confirms your identity
-  Vote by presenting your proof of identity on your telephone or by presenting a photocopy. 
(only the original document is authentic).


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