Bring back your used ski equipment!

Val-d'Isère is committed to sorting ski equipment with the Ecologic eco-organization. Are you a rental company, vendor, club or association? This scheme is for you!


This approach is in line with environmental protection in line with the AGEC law (Loi Anti-Gaspillage pour une Economie Circulaire - anti-waste law for a circular economy), under which the public authorities have approved the Ecologic eco-organization to manage the end-of-life of sports and leisure articles.

Since 2006, it has been working throughout France to develop a circular economy based on information and awareness-raising activities, repair, reuse, collection and processing of products and waste, by mobilizing all the players involved.


How does it work?

📌 From now until mid-MayFor all your ski, snowboard, snowshoe, mask, ice skate, sled, pole and boot needs, bring your skis, snowboards, snowshoes, masks, ice skates, sledges, poles and ski boots to Les Brévières waste center.

♻️ The eco-organization will take charge of them and direct them to treatment operators for reuse, recycling or energy recovery. This sports-specific sector was launched in 2022 and is now being rolled out. Ecologic's R&D team works daily to identify new solutions to increase recycling, the circular economy and develop eco-design.

Find out more about the Ecologic approach and organization, watch this video by clicking here ➡️ ICI ⬅️