Who does what in HR?

Update on the missions of the four "Human Resources" agents

  • Marie Planel, head of the department, designs, proposes and implements a human resources management policy for the local authority. She puts in place the tools to support departments and employees, ensuring that individual and collective rights and obligations are applied, that social dialogue is of the highest quality, and that quality of life at work is enhanced.
  • Delphine Roussel, Payroll and Career Manager, is in charge of payroll processing and career management.
  • Marilène Mendes, recruitment officer, is in charge of the administrative side of recruitment and everything that goes with it: gathering departmental needs, drafting and distributing advertisements, monitoring and analyzing applications, and welcoming new staff. She also takes over the tasks of training manager and handles our expense reimbursements.
  • Estelle L'Honorey, recruited last April, works in tandem with Delphine Roussel on payroll and career management.

While waiting for the Thovex works to be completed, they welcome us to the technical center at La Daille:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm.
photo credit @ Nick Fewing

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