Lucile, farm manager

Since 2019, when she finished her studies, Lucile Mattis has been running Ferme de l'Adroit with her father, and is in charge of the cheese-making division. As someone who loves versatility, what better job for her than to work with the seasons, where every day is different?

Milking, hay-making, cheese-making, administration, sales, visits... Multiple tasks and requires working hours from 6am to 7pm. It has invested in equipment that is also rented to other local players, a solution that enables it to work with quality tools while amortizing costs.

Although she loves being able to do things herself thanks to machines and electronics, farming is not a solitary profession. And that's just as well, because what she loves most of all is the contactWhether it's with humans or animals! She is particularly delighted to talk to her customers, whom she describes as "exceptional".

Attached to the family and to the transmission, she wishes to make this family business last and is thinking of a new one. develop the educational aspect of the farm. She hopes to help people discover her environment and local heritage by organizing visits for schools and others. The restaurant, once run by her grandmother, is also patiently waiting to reopen one day.


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