Diego, French U16 champion

Less well known than other disciplines such as slalom and super-G events, the ski mountaineering is a complete sport that alternates between uphill skiing and downhill walking.

On February 4, 2023, Diego Bonnevie was crowned French champion U16 ski mountaineering event in Flaine. A weekend full of emotions and unforeseen events, which he recounts with passion and detail. As he so aptly puts it, obstacles help you get up and get stronger. And rightly so, since he won the course hands down, and at the finish, the difficulty gave way to a feeling of happiness and satisfaction at a job well done.

In ski mountaineering, which he has only been practicing for a short time, he appreciates the aspect of pain linked to adrenalin, a struggle against oneself which resonates with the power of the surrounding elements and recalls the force of nature. This multisport activity is also fun and gives you the opportunity to access places and landscapes inaccessible to downhill skiers, for example.

Several championships await him in the new winter season, and he intends to win them and join theFrance team.


Good luck!