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Associative life

Sports, cultural or social, you will find a wide range of associations in the commune to devote yourself to the activities of your choice.

Associations are major players in the mountain environment. They promote social links and improve the living comfort of the inhabitants. They are aimed at residents, but also at seasonal workers and tourists.

Some of them operate year-round, others have a very marked seasonal activity. Each year, in September, they meet in a "forum of associations" to propose their activities and collect registrations.

Indeed, our village sees its population multiplied by 20 during the winter. In order to maintain a quality village life all year round, it is vital to preserve an important associative fabric. It is for this reason that the commune provides significant financial and logistical support to local associations.

The associations can apply to the municipality for a grant by means of an particular form grant application.

To obtain financial support from the community, the association must first have completed all the administrative formalities necessary for its creation and its registration in the prefecture.
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Trackers' Friendly


+33 6 30 31 48 32

Management of events organised by the Val d'Isère piste service.

Fire Brigade Friendly


+33 4 79 06 01 80

Financial support of the body's sports association, organisation of events, defence of staff interests. You can also contact the association at the following address:

Amicale du personnel communal et para-communal

To offer municipal and para-municipal employees and their families special preferential conditions for the purchase of products or services in the resort, and to organise events for the staff.

Association de Chasse Communale Agréée (ACCA)


+33 6 26 10 68 05

Technical organization of hunting in respect of an agro-sylvo-cynegetic balance on the territory.

Val d'Isère Backup Association (ASVI)


+33 06 24 18 03 50

Association for the defence of nature and environmental protection, but also for the conservation of traditions and cultural heritage and the art of living in the region. 

Association of Private Lessors (ALP)


+33 4 79 06 04 08

To propose rentals in chalets or apartments in Val d'Isère, directly managed by the owners.

Val d'Isère Property Owners Association (APVI)


Information and participation of owners and enthusiasts in the development of Val d'Isère.

Musical Association of Val d'Isère


+33 6 67 69 55 00

Organize cultural and musical events and raise public awareness of the world of music. Organising a competition through the Music Academy bringing together students from national and European conservatories.

Association for audiovisual and musical animation

Florence Costerg

+33 6 69 36 92 02

To directly or indirectly promote audiovisual and musical entertainment in Val d'Isère.

Guide Bureau


+33 6 87 52 85 03

Accompanied by professional guides for glacier trekking, mountaineering, climbing, via-ferrata, canyoning...

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