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Identity papers and car registration

National identity card

Since 21 March 2017, national identity cards (CNI) are biometric and only certain town halls are equipped to issue these new CNIs. In Haute-Tarentaise, applications are made by appointment at the Bourg Saint Maurice town hall.

1. Why is it changing?
As was the case with passports a few years ago, the switch to biometric national identity cards (CNI) is first and foremost a security imperative. The new NICs will bear the fingerprints of their holders. The aim is to be able to fight more effectively against the falsification of official documents.

2. A pre-application on the Internet... but a mandatory stop at Bourg Saint Maurice for fingerprints.
Today anyone who wishes to establish or renew their NIC can, to save time, create an account and fill out a pre-application on the site. www.ants.gouv.fr.

I gather the necessary documents:

  • I create my personal account and enter my marital status and address.
  • I take note of the number assigned to me or I print the document.
  • I make an appointment onlineOn site or by telephone on 04 79 07 87 87 (1 appointment per person).
  • I go to the town hall counter with my pre-application number and the supporting documents requested to take fingerprints.
  • I am notified of the availability of my identity card by text message. I can collect it without an appointment.
    Please note: no power of attorney to another person.

3. What to do with your old INC?
Non-biometric NICs remain valid until the end of their validity period.
You can apply for renewal of your ID card the year before its expiry date.
If your previous card was issued between 2004 and 2013 and you were over the age of majority when it was issued, it remains valid for 5 years after the expiry date indicated.
The procedures can be carried out in one of the 2300 municipalities equipped on the national territory or one of the 18 in Savoy.

Minor Applicant Form

Form for adult applicant

Biometric Passport

To obtain a biometric passport, you must go to the town hall of Bourg Saint Maurice.
Make an appointment with the department concerned to submit your request: Tel. 04 79 07 87 87.


Passport application for a minor

Passport application for a major

List of parts to be produced in ORIGINAL

Schedules of the Passport Department of the Town Hall of Bourg St Maurice

Tuesday 9am - 12pm1:30pm - 5pm
Wednesday9am - 12pm1:30pm - 5pm
Friday9am - 12pm1:30pm - 5pm

Authorization for a minor to leave the territory

Permits for minors to leave the country were abolished in 2013, including for school trips. The custodian of parental authority may request a measure to prevent the exit from the territory with the Prefecture's services. The minor, except in the case of an opposition to leave the territory, may travel on simple presentation :

  • of his passport valid anywhere in the world
  • his identity card valid in the European Union as well as in Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, St Martin and St Siège.

For more information : Prefecture of Savoie - 04 79 75 52 67

Car registration

Since 2017, the procedures for the car registration are no longer carried out at the prefecture and sub-prefecture level. In order to obtain your registration certificate for your vehicle (new or used), you have two options:

  • go to theANTS (Agence National des Titres Sécurisés)
  • to call on an automobile professional approved by the Prefecture: find a garage in 73.
  • at a post office if you want to change the address on your vehicle registration document, for example, when you change your address

Find all the information on the steps to follow in the instruction manual.

Please note: you have 30 days from the date you move in to complete the change of address on your vehicle registration document. If you miss this deadline, you risk a fine of up to €750 in the event of a roadside check. At the same time, you have 15 days to change the address of your insurance policy.

Driver's license regulations


Head of department

Lionel Renard

Contact the department

+33 4 79 06 01 60

- Winter hours
Monday to Friday: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm

- Inter-season and summer schedules
Monday to Wednesday: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm
Thursday: 9am - 12 and 2pm - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 12pm

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