Culture, sports and leisure

Directory of cultural associations

Musical Association of Val d'Isère


+33 6 67 69 55 00

Organize cultural and musical events and raise public awareness of the world of music. Organising a competition through the Music Academy bringing together students from national and European conservatories.

Association for audiovisual and musical animation

Florence Costerg

+33 6 69 36 92 02

To directly or indirectly promote audiovisual and musical entertainment in Val d'Isère.

Colours and Canvas


+33 6 31 26 20 74

Offer art courses and workshops on drawing, painting, sculpture and engraving... as well as private lessons on request. For adults and children, residents or tourists.

Possible contact by mailbox on the left of the entrance doors of the Maison de Val

Coup de Théâtre

Marie-Laure MATTIS

Céline MORIS

+33 6 87 86 10 44

Drama classes for young avalins (schoolchildren, middle school students, students). Performances at the end of the winter season on the resort. You can also contact the association at the following address

Val d'Histoire

Christèle BONNEVIE

To make known the history of Val d'Isère.